Posted on Wednesday, October 15, 2008 by arylangga

In fact today like that was calming for the heart, was full of the feeling thank heavens and optimism would the front day. I again be reminded the meeting 10 yearly with several friends when going first to class. To be precise 2 days ago in the Bogor city.

The meeting that brought several memories in the lecture period first. However that was interesting from the meeting was the dialogue around us about now, really now and really that will come. Moreover when the discussions entered inside topic about: poverty

“ Oh ya…kamu tau tidak si BOY kembali miskin loh…”

“ Iya…malah si ERO masih miskin terus….”

“ tapi ya..hebat..itu si Audi ..ia tidak miskin lagi loh..”

Without realised topic about this poverty occurred again continually to whoever was still poor, who that did not lack again, and who that again again poor. Then we then laughed, apparently the poverty and no longer became the so frightening thing. Something that was avoided in fact the dream that was most horrified around us.

And finally we realise that how naive is us who began counted or considered about whoever was poor and not. And we realise that that really subjective.

And finally we began to make the understanding new about poverty.

Poverty was unability making the decision about the way of life in the future. And not about how much money that could be gathered by us.

That most important was to make the world that was better for our place remained. And so that became our reflection the day .

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